Cross Spacers

Cross spacers have been in industry for a long time and necessarily, they will always be an essential product in Ceramic Industry.

Tiling is all about style and design. A well installed project is all about precision which means Uniformity of the Tiles and Equal Grout Lines. Spacers prevent the tiles getting too close to each other which might cause chipping on the edges. Professionals can easily get this precision and increased durability with Engineered Gunsen Spacers.

Varying from 1mm to 10mm, Gunsen Produces one of the most diverse Tile Spacer Models. Over 25 models including Standard Spacers, Grooved Spacers, Removable Spacers and T Shape Spacers.

Gunsen Recommends,

• Usage of 2mm or 3mm for walls, 3mm-5mm for oors.
• Always use a laser grid before starting and during the work
• Start Tiling from the center of the environment which will be tiled. You'll be able to see the patterns and the work much better.
• Use Spacers horizontally in the joining corners and vertically along the sides.
• Use T Spacers in the areas like end walls or Rectangular Tiles.
• After the drying time, if not Using Leave – In Spacers, remove it using a nipper
• Use small spacers for small rooms/areas, likewise use larger spacers for large rooms/areas