As a comprehensive producer of various kinds of Tools & Accessories, Gunsen Building Products produces one the highest quality products for professionals, architects and wholesalers. Being located in the heart of Istanbul, monthly Gunsen Productions are;

  • Aluminium Tile Trims

    300 tons of Aluminum Tile Profiles

  • Cross Spacers

    20 tons of Cross Spacer

  • Pedestal Systems

    10 tons on Pedestal System

  • Tile Leveling Systems

    120 tons of Tile Leveling System

  • Plastering Profiles

    90 tons of Plastering Profiles

  • Tiling Tools

    Thousands of Tiling Tools

By 2020, we offer 7000+ products in 80+ product ranges. With it’s qualitative production approach and innovation seeking attitude, Gunsen keeps adding more models and designs day by day to ease the work of professionals.